Oodles Jobs Recruitment Ltd commitment with its customers goes beyond the traditional supplier-customer relationship. We strive to work as a business partner with our advertisers, appreciating that helping our customers thrive will, in turn, help Oodles Jobs Recruitment Ltd continue to flourish.

One thing that Oodles Jobs Recruitment Ltd recognised early on is that by providing the best experience to our candidates we can, in turn, ensure we provide the best experience for our advertisers.
Since the initial inception of 'jobs-by-email' service, Oodles Jobs Recruitment Ltd has built and maintained a strong, loyal and enviable candidate base. We have further grown and enhanced this through continued innovation

To ensure we continue to provide the highest quality candidate source we do many things, including:

  • Advertising your job on the Oodles Jobs Recruitment Ltd website
  • Distributing your job (where appropriate) through the Job network of partner websites comprising a unique & dynamic mix of job boards, affiliates and aggregators, thus maximising your job reach
  • Emailing your jobs to candidates subscribed with matching job seeking criteria
  • Providing a CV database containing thousands of active quality job seekers
  • Promoting and raising awareness of your brand within our website through advertising banners, featured jobs, Smart Ads etc.

However, that is not all. We take further steps that many of our competitors do not, including:

  • Employing our developers technology to further identify candidates who would be suitable for your role and advising them of the opportunity
  • Verification of every job you advertise to ensure it is correctly classified for the optimum reach, and correcting common presentation mistakes
  • Classifying every CV that is added to the searchable database to maximise the quality of your search results
  • Provide candidate-by-email alerts, notifying you when a potentially suitable candidate registers their CV
  • Providing our advertisers with leading edge technology.

Employers Features

Oodles Jobs has all the necessary features to run a successful Human Resource database directly onto our Web System. Below are only some feature highlights of Oodles Jobs

  • Dashboard for employer
  • Employers can sign-up using membership plans without any third-party components.
  • Employers can generate invoices.
  • Ajax style checking registration with help messages
  • Save time with flexible and powerful resume search interface
  • Search resumes by application title, name, nationality, gender, availability, category, job type, salary range, education, experience
  • Build companies profile
  • Upload a company logo
  • Add, edit and delete jobs
  • Send email to employer when job seeker apply to a job
  • Professional display of job searches and resumes
  • View job applied resumes with number of applied resume
  • Employer can interact with job seeker through the Private Messaging System